About Me

In today’s world, we have the opportunity to choose the best. Design – as part of that choice, goes hand in hand with us and surrounds us everywhere. Being in space is very important for us, how we feel.  I am involved in creating this feeling, the atmosphere. Fashion and trends are certainly important and we are constantly monitoring them, but the important criterion for me is the feelings of each of my customers, their habits, and lifestyle. When creating a new interior, I am very inspired by the personality of the person. People are the starting point from which my work on their space begins.  I work very carefully on the planning decision, forms, materials, and textures.

Paintings and art objects are an integral part of the interior for me, they complement and give meaning to it. I believe that an interior has no face and character without art. I myself, as an artist, work in the genre of abstract painting. In my works, I tell the viewer about my attitude to this or that situation. I often write works for my interiors, you can notice it. Each of my works has a title, but the advantage of abstract painting is that each person sees “his own interpretation “, which is recalled in his soul.

Nw capital letter 

Quantity 10 boxes with 100 pacesetters total 1000 gloves 


MARKHI Higher School of Environmental Design 2010 (diploma with honors)

School of Design “Details” 2014 (diploma with honors)

Art School “Details” workshop of Natalia Sitnikova 2017-present.


2019 Antibienale, Central House of Artist

2019 Rock-n-roll time, Central House of Artist

2019 “Youth Exhibition № 19” Moscow Union of Artists 

2018 “Influence of color” Event project agency

2018 Russian Art Week

2018 “Palette in lens” Central House of Artist, Moscow